A Powerful New Year

We are prepared to make 2017 a year of unity, optimism and progress. A year where community-driven progress is seen by all Americans. As our nation grapples with so many issues, it is important that we revert to the core truths of American ideals. We believe that these are freedom, justice and faith. Each American being provided with ample opportunity, rights and freedoms.

One of the areas of freedom is the opportunity to be “responsible”. Yes, taking responsibility for oneself. Making a decision to appreciate your freedom by taking control of your future. You make choice all day, every day. These decisions guide many areas of your life. Make a decision to “take control” in 2017 and never let the control to leave.

Another area of freedom is the ability to protest peacefully and refrain from going with the crowd. You can choose where to buy, how to spend your money, where to live, what knowledge to put into your mind, what to watch on tv, what news to watch, how to eat, to be fit and other FREEDOM’S that are absolutely in your control. Many of these decisions will affect your life.

Unity is a hard task that must be pursued. As a nation, it is more effective to be unified even through our differences. But unity requires that all participants participate and have similar rights. Pursue this type of unity in 2017. Many people on all sides introduce ideas that separate people, all for their own gain. Make a decision to understand that all side have good and bad; honest and dishonest; sincere and insincere. See with eyes that favor person self-control.

Progress. Make economic progress that will help you build personal strength. Money is not everything, but it sure does help. When you harness the power of being debt-free and having a positive credit profile, you will have better options available to you. Choose to be self-controlled in 2017 and begin to change negative spending habits, learn to save and focus on reducing debt. Get help www.kreditkoncepts.com in reducing or eliminating debt. Take control in 2017.


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