Kredit Koncepts is an innovative personal recovery firm located in New York, but serving all of the United States. We say “personal recovery” because we focus on the individual. We help each client to achieve their own personal credit recovery. We do not stop there. We help them understand the credit reporting system and help them to build and maintain excellent credit.

Build Credit Today: http://enroll.kreditkoncepts.com/

Since opening in 2009, Kredit Koncepts has blossomed into a national credit recovery powerhouse. A powerhouse for the “people” and driven by the community. We have established a multi-faceted systems that streamlines the recovery process. We also make it easy for the community to take control.

We have a retail location in the Bronx. The first of many Kredit Koncepts Local locations. We have developed our own $1,500 credit line that actually reports to the credit bureau’s; helping our clients build credit at a faster pace. We launched an incredible non-profit that assists veterans, persons in prison and low-income families. This is only a few of the accomplishments that we have earned. Learn more at www.therarefoundation.org

We don’t play. We get the work done.

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